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Transcat-Dog-Door[1]Cockburn Glass specialises in fine glazed products, which includes not only traditional applications like table tops and mirrors, but in modern comforts like pet doors, too. Add a little luxury to your home with one of our handcrafted pet doors.

In-Glass Pet Doors

One innovation that Cockburn Glass can achieve for your home is to install a pet door directly into a pane of glass. This design option is available for both low-placed windows and glass doors of any level of thickness.
With the pet door secured directly into your glass door or window, your cat or dog will find it very easy to slip in and out of your home. Furthermore, you’ll have better protection against insect swarms with our fine mesh pet doors while also letting in fresh air. Finally, if your home has an abundance of sliding glass doors or windows, you’ll be able to let your pets in and out easily and not have to sacrifice anything in your home’s natural décor.

Glazed Pet Doors

transcat-cat-door1-(2)[1]A glass-fitted pet door is made from a circular shape, allowing for easy installation by our team of professional glaziers. These doors can be fit into any glass surface from 3 to 32 mm thick, complete with single or double glazing. You’ll also find that the flaps in these doors can swing much higher thanks to the polycarbonate frame, so that your pet can move in and out without putting any stress on the door or the glass surface where it’s been installed.

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